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Cheapa Hitop Campa is a great way to experience New Zealand in an economical way


Budget Campervan Travel


Embark on your dream budget Campervan Trip Around New Zealand

Looking for an affordable way to hit the open road? Our budget campervan hire options are perfect for travellers who want to explore without breaking the bank. With our well-equipped and reliable campervans, you can enjoy all the freedom and adventure of a road trip, minus the hefty price tag. Whether you're planning a long weekend escape or an epic journey across New Zealand, we've got the perfect ride for you. Start your budget-friendly adventure with us today! 


Why Hire a Cheapa Campa for your next campervan road trip


Discover Affordable Rates

Enjoy budget-friendly pricing that lets you tailor your trip to your budget, tastes and preferences. 

Cruise in Well-Equipped Campers

Travel comfortably with fully-equipped campervans that have everything you need.

Flexible Booking Options

Book online, by phone, or in person, making it easy to plan your adventure.

Pet Friendly

Bring along your furry friend for the adventure with our pet-friendly campervan hires.

Budget-friendly must-dos on your next camper road trip

Embark on a budget-friendly campervan road trip and explore New Zealand’s national parks, visit iconic landmarks, and relax on stunning beaches without breaking the bank. Discover hidden gems and enjoy scenic drives, all while cooking your own meals in your campervan's kitchenette. Visit local markets for fresh produce and unique souvenirs, camp under the stars at low-cost sites, and connect with locals for insider tips on the best affordable spots. Capture lasting memories of your adventure with plenty of photos along the way. 


Campervan Deals

Wanting a deal on your New Zealand campervan road trip? Look no further than Cheapa Campa! While our campervan hire rates already offer great value, there are often extra special deals to help you hit the road, saving your precious moolah so you can max out the good times on the road. Check out our latest and greatest deals below and get ready to explore with Cheapa Campa.

Long Hire Offer Long Hire Offer

Long Hire Offer

Do you love road trips across Australia & New Zealand as much as we do? You're in luck with our Long Hire Offer! If you are travelling for more than 21 days, you will receive 5% off daily...
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