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Submitted by Jacqueline Sluysmans of Netherlands
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10 Days in the beautiful New Zealand's South Island

It is true what they say about New Zealand: “The world in one Country”. As European I have seen a lot of countries especially in Europe but also outside, but what amazed me the most was how much scenery of all those different countries you see back in New Zealand, it’s just amazing!

Our journey started in Christchurch where we picked up our motor home. We had chosen for Cheapa Campa (www.cheapacampa.co.nz) , mainly because the good price-value. The pick-up actually went pretty fast and the woman helping us could also speak German, which was pretty handy for us (she was just lovely and made us in a real ‘relaxy holiday feeling’).

Some people might say 10 days is way to less to see the country, but for our feeling we have seen a lot.  The first day we drove to Kaikoura where we swum with dolphins. We were very lucky that day, as there were a lot of dolphins and they were in a real playing mood. Although the water was really cold it was so much fun, the dolphins actually came so close to you that you could touch them.  After all the cold water we were pleasant with Cheapa Campa’s onboard shower where we could warm up and enjoy a prepared dinner.
That same day we drove to Picton to stay the night there. We decided to go for a drink and ended up in the Seumes’s Irish Bar, which was a lot of fun. They had a band playing who were very good and funny at the same time.

After having a great time in Picton we drove to the Abel Tasman National Park where we did some hiking. As I’m not really much of a hiker it was good fun though, especially with those beautiful views and beaches. The next leg of our journey was to Punakaiki, where we visited the Pancake rocks. It was fantastic to see those rocks and the views were spectacular. It was also informative to see how these rocks were formed. After sleeping so close to the beach where you actually could hear the ocean, we drove to Franz Jozef the next day.

In Franz Jozef we wanted to skydive but we were considering where to, since we heard some stories about a good skydive company in Wanaka. After a while we decided to do it in Wanaka and to visit the glaciers while we were in Franz Jozef. After seeing the glaciers and snow, which was fun we headed to Queenstown to do some shopping and ended that evening, again in the Irish Pub where people were dancing and singing. Good Fun!

After Queenstown our next stop was Wanaka, where we skydived. It was just incredible! I remember being really and I mean really nervous, but what a great experience that was. I had this amazing tandem partner, I forgot his name but he was from Brazil and that guy really helped me to relax by telling jokes. Whilst flying in the air you really feel like a bird and I was doing the craziest moves.

Our final destination was Lake Te Anau, which was really astonishing. We were glad that our Cheapa Campa 6 Berth had a heater as it was pretty cold during the night. After having so much fun and enjoying the most beautiful views of New Zealand our Holiday came unfortunately to an end and we hand in the motor home in Christchurch.

I would definitely recommend Cheapa Campa to my friends, as we didn’t face any problems.  I also would recommend to go swim with dolphins and skydive, which I think were the two most fantastic experiences.

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