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Submitted by Robert Garvin of New Zealand
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Kiwi's Cheapa Campas

In January 2011 we hired a 6 birth and travelled around the Land of the long white Cloud. 
To be able to pull up and camp at convenient places and have all the mod cons of a "Cheapa" was a fabulous experience for us. We had a VW and it was not only great but economical and beautiful to drive. With the shower for each of the four of us it was almost heavenly comfortable and we were able to traverse right round the whole South Island. We went as far South as Invercargil and North to Nelson. Up to Milford Sound and to Queenstown to "Shoot" the Rapids in the high speed boats WOW, what an experience. Even went to five degrees below and nearly froze but it was great. Getting through the Maze and holding up the leaning tower were also great fun.
One never could go to sleep driving in New Zealand because there are lots of corners to turn and then mountain roads which are guaranteed to keep you awake. The Mirror lake was a sight to see on the way to Milford Sound. The Hydro Station at Doubtful Sound is well worth the trip down to see. You hardly realise that you take a wide circle as you drop the distance and you will be amazed as you look at the displayed diagram down at the Hydro Station. The noise is a bit hard on the ears but it puts out plenty of power.

Going to Pancake rocks up from Greymouth is quite an experience too, but best take your lunch coz you can't eat those pancakes although the tuckker is pretty good at the restuarant there so you wont go hungry. It is also quite good to be able to stop in some out of the way place and get your own meal in the Campa at the time you need it instead of having to BE somewhere else.

We found that the versatility and variability was quite superior to HAVING to be at some particular place just to have accomodation. We had ours with us. There are lots of public camping places for just a small cost per night and the five Star mobile accommodation was something that one just dreams about. For us it was total reality.

Then we went North to check out that country too. Up to the Bay of Islands and the Giant Kauri Tree. Got to roll your "r"s when saying Kauri. We were unique because they had a cyclone come through with torrential rain but since we were mobile in our Cheapa Campa we just headed back down to the Corramandel but it rained and rained over night. We were as snug as a bug in a rug and next morning went into Thames. There was orange coloured water everywhere. The next day most had gone and there was just the silt left. Going up around the Corramandel the back way, we saw where there had been massive flooding and innumerable land slides. I think it was 26 we had to pass. Some had just slid down the hill and straight over the road to drop down hundreds of metres on the low side of the road. Scary stuff, but we were safe in out mobile home. 

We had to return back the way we came after visiting the miniature train and the "Eye full Tower". Then down to Rotorua and the Geyser. Great place to cook food in the hot water springs (if you were allowed to get to them) one slip and you would be instantly cooked. The water is beautifully clear but well over boiling point. Interesting point was visiting the cemetry. Some of those buried there were enjoying their own sauna baths as there was steam coming out of the corners of some of the beautiful stone graves.

From there to the buried Village. Extra ordinary to see how much mud had been scattered all over the village, a metre and a half thick (5 feet for us oldies) and pictures of the stairways that disappeared. I understand they have found those stairs again. They were beautiful to see in the pictures.

From there over to the Glow worm caves. Have you ever looked at the stars twinkling at night? They were much closer than the stars and the little boats taking you through are great. Moving in total darkness and just a wire to guide you could be quite CREEPY but a fantastic experience. I forgot to mention the Waterfalls. Kevin, one of our travelling companions had organised to visit every waterfall there was along the way. Some of them were Majestic to say the least. Others were set in grotto type situations and were very beautiful.

We had to race back to Auckland to drop our "home" off before returning to Australia. To say that Cheapa really looked after us is quite an understatement. They were superb and friendly folks. Thank you for a fabulous Holiday Cheapa.
We will be talking about our Holiday AND our Campa vans for years to come. We always look to see if the vans we see passing through are "Apollo" and then we relive our holiday all over again. An experience to never be forgotten.

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